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About Dongxuya

Shandong dongxuya machinery co.,ltd

Shandong Dongxuya Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing twin-screw food extruder, single-screw food extruder, microwave drying and sterilizing equipment, etc.
The company's main products: snack food extruder, dog food extruder, fish feed extruder, corn flakes extruder, rice extruder, nutrition powder extruder, tissue protein extruder, soybean extruder, crispy angle extruder, french fries and potato chips extruder, crockpot extruder, Mitong rice cracker puffing machine, frying puffing machine, golden angle puffing machine, modified starch puffing machine, instant noodle production line and microwave drying and sterilizing equipment.
The company has senior management personnel, excellent engineering and technical personnel, product R&D personnel and well-trained technical workers, and often conducts technical exchanges with well-known peer enterprises, introduces advanced technology and technology, and forms a strong technical support system.....
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It is committed to upgrading the overall technical level of microwave drying equipment,                      single extruder and extruder production line

With advanced technology, strict management and perfect service, the company has been highly praised by users at home and abroad, and has achieved very impressive performance, occupying a place in the expansion industry

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